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For millions of Americans, payday loans are an effective and fast way to help pay for unexpected bills or expenses. Many times, they can save you money from late charges or even helping you avoid bounced checks. Sometimes, however, payday loans might not be the right option for you. Before taking out a loan, you should make sure the option suit your needs best. Payday loans can be expensive, so know the facts can help you choose wisely.

What is the most common reason Payday Loans are used for?

We carefully survey our customers and for that 75% of them utilized our services to cover unexpected bills, avoid late fees on credit cards, and avoid having their bank balance drop below zero and avoid check bouncing. Many banks charge extremely large fees for bounced checks, and avoiding them can save you lots of money.

When is a Payday Loan not right for me?

Although payday loans are a useful tool, they are not the end all solution to every problem. Before taking out a loan we suggest you consider and weigh all your options.

  • Keep tabs on your bank balance and avoid writing checks if you are not sure you can cover them.
  • For late bills, call each company and see if you can work out late payment arrangements. Many companies, especially in this economy, are ready and willing to work with their customers.
  • Cut down on your daily expenses, such as: dining out less often, buying used instead of new, and avoiding unnecessary spending.
  • Search for local community groups or government programs that offer debt relief.
  • Apply for a credit card cash advance with your credit card company. Be sure to be informed on all the fees that will be associated with the loan.
  • Never be afraid to borrow money from a close friend or family, especially if it's for short term purposes.

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